Turk Marketing Group is a full service agency. We provide design services and a wealth of production options. With the customer focus of a boutique agency and the infrastructure of a top 12 promotional company, we can provide dedicated service AND competitive pricing. These are a few of our specialties:


Screen Printing and Embroidery
We have 25 years of experience in designing and preparing artwork for screenprint and embroidery, and we partner with some of the best factories throughout the US and overseas. Our focus is on the garment as much as the design, so you can depend on us to source the right materials and styles to suit your target audience and your budget.


Product Development and Promotional Products
More than just putting your logo on something, product development is about sourcing just the right items to get your message out. We have access to hundreds of thousands of items, so let us help you find the one that tells your story, screams your name, or wow's that big client. If you have something in mind that you don't find on our site, we can find it and make it yours.


Graphic Design
We have an in-house art department ready to help you design or redesign your brand. Whether you need basic graphic services, marketing materials, or complete logo development, we've got you covered.


Retail Merchandising
Logos aren't just for pens and pamphlets. We have a special knack for retail merchandising, coupling your slogans with just the right items so your loyal customers can advertise their adoration!


Welcoming Advance Promotion Clients